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JAGEE launched GE11 True Wireless Stereo Earphones with unique see-through round charging case, lightweight and good sound quality. We got the first OEM order of 100k pcs from Lenovo, who has the exclusive sales in domestic market. OEM/ODM services are supported for customers abroad too.


ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) uses technology to identify background noise and generates counter frequencies that cancel out the noise. 2021 will be the year of rapid growth of TWS with ANC/ENC. JAGEE’s latest true Wireless earbuds modelGE19 with active noise reduction -25dB~-30dB, offering a great combination of sound quality and affordability.


How do the hottest products occupy the earplug market? According to big data analysis, we know.


We are JAGEE Electronics, the Wireless Bluetooth earphones manufacturer in China. We have a research and development team about 10 people and more than a hundred workers. We design and produce comfortable and practical products for customers around the world,support OEM and ODM with worldwide brands

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