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4 Things You Need To Know When You Purchase TWS Earbuds

1: PCB board:

There have PCB board both in charging case and two headphones.

If you use the PCB board with rough design but without the design of current limit and voltage limit, there will have high risk that the plastic shell of charging case or earphones will get melted or the board get burned, due to the higher heating caused when charging without any protection.

Also if the PCBA board with poor design and cheap ICs on it, it cannot protect against over discharge, the charging case may easily out of power a few days later, even it was fully charged.

2: Antenna

The antenna is one of the important functional parts of the TWS headset to achieve wireless connection.  The antenna determines the communication indicators such as communication quality, signal power, signal bandwidth, connection speed, etc., and is an important front-end device of the communication system.

If cheap chips or antennas are used, the signal will be weak, such as intermittently in stations, subway

stations, and airports with a lot of people.

3: Battery:

Batteries used in TWS charging cases are generally single-cell lithium batteries. The power meter and secondary protection IC package have been already included to ensure more reliable operation of the battery. The power supply of a single-cell lithium battery is mainly supplied in two parts: one part is boosted to 5V to power the headphones, the other part to 3V and below to power the MCU/Sensor, etc. in the case.

Battery life is related to product life. If the cheaply made battery is used, the charging case cannot be charged well after using several days.

4: Speaker:

Earphones can have good sound quality because of the built-in high-quality speakers, but there are many factors that affect the sound quality of the speakers. The voice coil and the diaphragm are one of the most critical components. The voice coil, connected to the speaker diaphragm, using different types material, and there will be different effect on sound quality with the voice coil wires of different materials. For example, cheap and ordinary copper wire is only suitable for transmitting low- and medium-frequency signals, and its surface is suitable for transmitting high-frequency signals. The uneven transmission has an impact on sound quality.

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